At present, kid’s church is on hold until the church is rebuilt…however, Polly, one of the four regular volunteers, will hold a pancake breakfast for the kids on the first Sunday’s, Communion Sunday’s, of each month at her house (just a mile from the Parish House) during the service until a regular space is available again. If you have an interest in having your child commune with other kids while you attend church please give her a call at 413-634-5732.

“Kid’s Church is an enlightening experience for children of all ages.  It is a loving and supportive environment, where church volunteers teach the children about religions from around the world.  In doing so, they create an appreciation of those who practice them and instill a general understanding of faith. The kids get along with each other and are accepting of other sunday-school goers.

A fresh snack is always served before the morning activities and then the kids play until the adults come to join them.”

Kid’s Sunday School Comments

  • My favorite thing about Sunday School is snack and friends.
  • I like learning about the different holidays from different religions and seeing all my friends.
  • I like toys and snacks and my friends.
  • I like snack, My favorite part of snack is cheese.
  • Snack is very good. We have apples, cheese, graham crackers. They are good.
  • My favorite thing about Sunday School is the crafts and the other kids.
  • My favorite things about Sunday School are food and activities that we do.
  • My favorite parts of Sunday School are the people, the things they do (sometimes), and the activities we do.
  • What I like about Sunday school is spending time with the other teens at church.
  • I like socializing with the little ones.
  • My favorite things about Sunday School are snack, especially Cheese! And friends, lots of friends.

We have four members at present who volunteer to do the enrichment programs on certain Sundays of the month.

The first Sundays of every month, Polly Ryan will provide a program that focuses on the concept of communion and the various ways people commune around the world. It is presently centered around her kitchen table while the kids enjoy a pancake breakfast. Please call 413-634-5732 if you someone has an interest to attend.

Our other volunteers BobbyAnn Higgins, Karen Simon and, Elizabeth Hawley are awaiting a physical space to share their enrishment programs with the kids.

When Karen Simon voulunteer’s, her philosophy is somewhat laissez faire, but with a soft focus on touching some of the wonders of the world, primarily through nature, music, and communication (in art, words or sound.) I do believe that if we “only connect,” we gain spiritually.

BobbyAnn and Elizabeth’s philosophies are soon to be published…